12 Month OR 3 Month Membership

Kinetic Training was created to house the Top Velocity Performance Center within it. Top Velocity is the premiere place to go and train to become an elite pitcher/athlete as well as other positions in either baseball or softball. You would first need to interview to make sure you’re a good fit. When first entering the Academy you will be given a thorough evaluation. Then you will have access to the Top Velocity training app which has extensive plans/workouts to guide you through your training based on your current level/ability. There is a optional 2 Day Camp we highly recommend you take your first month. It greatly speeds up your knowledge and application of our programs. 

Benefits of the Membership and Academy Include:

  • My Background
  • 25 plus years coaching and instructing 
  • MLB scouting/bird dogging background
  • BioMechanics Certified
  • USA Weightlifting Lv.1 and Lv.2 Certified
  • CPR Certified
  • Physical Space / Equipment
  • 10k Sq. Ft. Inside
  • 5k Sq. Ft. Outside
  • Mobility/Power Eval Station
  • Measure and track 24+ metrics
  • Measure joint mobility
  • Mobility Wall outfitted with items to enhance mobility
  • Vertical Jump Testing
  • Broad/Lateral Jump Testing
  • Arm Care sensory tool for shoulder and elbow health and condition (
  • Have access to Chiropractor to aid in our mobility work (Dr. Baker: Baker Chiropractic Sport & Spine Clinic; 156 Cumberland Parkway Suite 200 Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055) 
  • 6 Pitching Drill Lanes
  • King of the Hills to measure ground force 
  • 1-2 lb. Med Ball Racks
  • Baseball Carts
  • Radar Lanes
  • Strength and Conditioning Area
  • Top Velocity App houses all workouts based on your level with videos to support
  • Banners with QR codes linking you to all items in App
  • 5 Squat Racks fully equipped 
  • Glute Ham Machine
  • Plyometric Area
  • Plyo Jump Boxes
  • Ladders
  • Hurdles
  • 10 yd sprints / IR Gates give time to .ooo
  • Outdoor sandpit
  • 5 Cages
  • 1- 70’ for pitching evals
  • 3- 55’ for hitting ; 1 with Pitching Machine
  • 1- 55' Outside
  • Personal Nutrition Plan Offered 
  • Nutrition guide offered to achieve maximum success with training 
  • Private label Supplements to aid in success (Aminos/Reds/Greens/Electrolytes with amino blend; Flyers in documents section to view ingredients)
  • Pitching/Hitting Evals
  • Radar 
  • 70’ cage
  • 2 turfed mounds Inside; 2 Outside
  • 1 turfed catchers bullpen with space for 2
  • Pro Play AI BioMechanics Hardware to identify mechanical issues to correct
  • Pitch Logic For ball metrics and pitch development
  • TV viewing area to go over Evals
  • College/Pro Recruitment
  • I’ll provide needed film and data to coaches and scouts upon request and help in anyway I can

Top Velocity York Pa. Walkthrough

This is a short walkthrough of our 10k sq. ft facility; 5k more outside