My Mission Statement

My name is Mark Shive and I was born and raised in York County Pa.  I began pitching at a young age and was the kid growing up who threw very hard and had a reputation.  The issue was my mechanics were never worked on by those who knew what they were doing including my college years. Due to this, by my late teens and early 20s my arm had been severely damaged - tendonitis, torn rotator cuff, endless pain and ultimately invasive surgery. I have studied the kinetic chain and Bio-Mechanics of pitchers for over 20 years. I'm currently a certified Bio-Mechanics Specialist and a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach.  I have the pleasure of being one of the few Top Velocity Performance Centers in the country.  It is my mission to help those who want to master their kinetic chain to have a long term successful career on the mound/field by identifying where the areas are that will put more stress onto the arm. Make no mistake, pitching causes damage but you can severely limit it and learn how to recover properly to have a very long career. 

***At Top Velocity we work with ALL position players and hitters from Baseball and Softball

Top Velocity's Focus Areas

1. Bio-Mechanics 

2. Mobility Training

3. Plyometric Training

4. Strength and Conditioning 

6. USA Weightlifting

7. Arm Care

8. Nutrition 

My Career

  • Played High School ball at Spring Grove in York County Pa. 
  • Went on to play College ball at Bloomsburg University as a starter (D2)
  • Was the head varsity pitching coach at Colonial Forge H.S in Stafford Va.
  • Began scouting / bird dogging for the Anaheim Angels under mentorship of Hall of Fame Scout Tom Burns; now with the Blue Jays 
  • I'm a certified Bio-Mechanics Specialist and have studied thousands of hours of film 
  • I'm a Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach 
  • Have worked with youth from 6-18+ years of age for over 25 years    
  • I'm currently running a baseball academy in the Top Velocity Performance Center within my company Kinetic Training   
  • Mentored by Brent Pourciau founder of Top Velocity in Louisiana and his Associate Dr. Pat McNeil               

Top Velocity York Pa . Staff

Kody Reeser

-3 sport athlete at NorthEastern HS in York Pa.

-Towson University CAA All Conference team Senior year

-6th Place all time for single season ERA of 2.02

-Strength and Conditioning athlete of the year in 2020 

-Has been instructing pitchers and hitters

"My mission is to join the team at Top Velocity York Pa. to educate and grow young athletes so they can become the best version of themselves"

                                           -Kody Reeser

Dustin Babaie

-Played Travel ball for the Canes 14u and prospect team Chandler 16u

-Played at Susquehannock HS in York Pa. as a pitcher and middle infielder

-Coached at Windsor Township and Owings Mills Spartans

-Has been instructing pitchers, hitters, and fielders

"I am very much looking forward in developing my abilities as a coach even further through this journey and I'm very humbled to be a part of the Top Velocity York Pa. family."

                                                          -Dustin Babaie